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what do you do when it all falls apart?

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Selphie Tilmitt banner by tinfoil-hearts@livejournal

I love to play / code on the computer and have no common sence. I have fun with my friends but can stand being alone. But not in the dark. I like when people hold my hand and I'm a music/photography freak. Kingdom Hearts equals love, and so does Selphie Tilmitt (the subject of my new layout). She is a spunky, loveless romantic;; LIKE MOI. I love to do crazy things and take some outrageous risks and Im usually on the computer a lot. I have a life, but I prefer to keep it off the web. So if you know me, cool! But if you dont, too bad, because you never will.

thanks to premade_ljs for the my journal's basic layout code ;D